~Womanhood (potter)~

Womanhood, the
moulded me into a
beautiful woman
from the clay of my
spinning mother’s
broken wings.
She said:
You mother was
born with ability
to fly but men cut
her wings.
They said:
She must think
not out of kitchen
Her fantasy must
be pleasing his man
not being pleased.
And Oh she must
never spread her
ideas but her legs.
As she put flowers
in the pots
She fries striped
potatoes in pans
She hits chords
but her echoes are
broken by walls of
a home she built.
She gave me her
broken wings
told me to carry
them to my
She said:
Add them to your
own wings
When it’s dark for
you and you don’t
know where to go
the scars of my
broken wings will
shine and show you
the way.
As I fly I spread the
echoes of the
freedom she never
had but I should have.
If you don’t like the
shades of my wings
Oh well… I can’t hide
scars unless they heal
And O please,
Don’t tell me how
I should colour them.


https://my.w.tt/Y7TpkD2evM Follow me on WattPad, read and vote. I want to see if I can edit all these poems and make a book one day.

Published by angerwanda

"She is a poet, a master piece of an art that can not be caged in the caves or canvassed on the curves."

4 thoughts on “~Womanhood (potter)~

  1. Wow. Ange. This is powerful. You weren’t much active when I was. Then I became inactive and now I come back on and see you’ve taken it up a notch. Beautiful. Keep writing from the heart. Dont censor or tone it down to be more ‘acceptable’. This is great.

    Liked by 1 person

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